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Central NY Soapers Gathering

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I'll give you the link~ they do this every year. This is the first time we have gone to an event that doesn't focus primarily on candles. YAH!! :grin2:


There's such a thing? LOL! Now see the TCC ended up being more soap and B&B with a few other things related to the business, but only one candle thing. Not complaining, because the time spent with everyone and the moments in Bunny's room were well worth the expense.

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I hate to do this... LMAO!! :P

I have to tell everyone, I had the BEST time at this gathering.

What a fabulous group of people. I think it was one of the most fabulous gatherings I have ever attended.

Bekka did a cream soap demo, she is truly talented and organized. They also had a business coach as a speaker. Jenn totally ROCKS. There were soapers from all over- not just New York. I cannot express strongly enough how great this group was.

Unbelievable prizes!! :whoohoo:

Kim and I walked off with some fantastic goodies. I'll list what I can remember~ 50.00 GC, 25.00 GC, a really FAB scale, 25 lb bucket of shea,- plus a MOTHER LOAD of a goodie bag. Plus the food was amazing. Everyone brought a dish to pass. And did I mention the fee was only 10.00?

Can you hear me now? Good- then be there or be square next year. :grin2:

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