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** What's in your pot for the week/end? **

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Anyone have any energy to test anything new? Or does everyone have a lot of heat cooking *them* for the weekend?

Market tomorrow - supposed to be 107F. Glad it's over by 1 - it'll be nice in the morning (around 65-70) though.

Another batch of lavender soap - last weekends' will probably cure in 3 years - I used way more water than I usually do, and the castor oil kind of glopped out of the jug and I was dumb to measure it in with the RBO. Feels like rubber, or one of my HP batches :)

So, lavender, then those test batches of peach and "lumberjack" (a kind of piney/citrus).

Stay out of the heat!

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Hello Robin, :wave:

No Candles to make for me this weekend.

It is Fair time starting the 22nd. We will be taking the kids

animals Saturday to the Fair.

Looking at a long week ahead...... and I hope it isn't to hot for the animals.

4 pigs and one steer we will be taking.... Woooo Hooooo

Not to forget the late nights socializing I bet we won't get home until 1:00 a.m. every evening.

Things have been slow for me for the month. But it has given me time to do other things with the kids.

Keep your drink on ice and your feet in the water*getdown*


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I'm testing my pies, cinnabuns, and sundaes. I made them a couple of years ago, stopped, and started back up. And I lost my darn worksheet on which wicks I used back then! :mad: So, I whipped some up about 2 weeks ago and tested them, and I DO NOT like how they are burning. So, I bought a whole bunch of wicks and will be testing! Testing, testing, testing!

From now on, I'm putting EVERYTHING on the computer and then saving to a disk. Other than that, making car fresheners too.

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Hey Robin!

I'm still trying to catch up from last weekend! All the pouring.

I'm in the niddle of pouring Tahiti right now and will move on to Montego Bay and then BlackBerry.

I'm waiting for the clammies and Creme Brulee from Peaks but that will be awhile

It's so friggin' hot here I wait until 11:00pm to go pour candles but it's still a sweat bath to do it:undecided

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Our heatwave is supposed to break. Went from 110 on Wednesday to 95 yesterday. Rumor has it that we'll see 80s this weekend and moisture. I'm not buying it lol.

In my pot will be, let's hope, four soaping batches and I really need to get going on fall candles. It's a weekend all unto my lazy self.

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It's supposed to be some really severe weather around here tonight and tomorrow, due to a cold front hitting this heat wave. I may be spending the weekend in my storm shelter!

Otherwise, we have a 40th birthday party to go to tomorrow, and lots of chores, have to go buy some calf stuff, and buy the birthday gift.

David was going to do some brushogging and general farm work.

I am currently in the process of making the unity candle for my Mother's wedding, which will be on August 5th.

I don't really have any supplies to do anything else with, and absolutely no money, so I doubt I will be doing anything other than that. I am ready for fall, when my job picks up a bit, and I will be making some money.

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Plam Wax pillars thanks to GrumpyGirl:D ,cooling bandanas my Dad is in TX and requested that I please make him some and a woman just asked if I could make her some homemade shampoo rrrrrr.Do you know how badly I would love to cheat on this one.This is going to be fun.

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11 cases of Clean Cotton, and 3 cases of Lilac (blech) Why do people have to like that stupid FO?

The only thing worse than Lilac I can think of is Gardenia.

I have a ton of packaging ahead of me this week, getting ready for a 3 day fest next weekend. I do this to myself all the time...putting off the labeling up until the end. Not gonna be fun.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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I've got LOTS of catching up to do where I've been too busy with my summer classes lately, I've gotta get my soap batches stocked up cuz I'm thinking that this upcoming festival is gonna wipe out a good chunk of what's on hand(least I hope so!) and I don't want a completely "dry spell" while I wait on more stuff to cure afterwards. So...it'll be a batch each of:


Warm Vanilla Sugar (blech! ptuh! ick!)

Cucumber & Aloe

Cherry Almond

Huckleberry Patch

Strawberry Milk

VS LoveSpell

Waterfall Rush

...for now. LOL. I hope to get around to the others scents next weekend. Just got me some more lye today, so I'll be a soapin fool all weekend long! Ooooh, goodness thunder just rattled my whole house! Lightning's flashing blazes too! Better hop off of here for a bit. C-ya'll later!

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We're moving full steam ahead right now on making products, getting ready for our grand opening Aug. 1st! So this weekends projects include: soy candle testing, a couple of scrubs, bagging bath salts, and more bath teas!

Maybe I'll throw in some bath melts while the weather is cooler!

Have a good weekend!

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