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My "Funfetti" soap finally!!


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I think I can finally show you my M&P soap I did with the soap curls, this is only my second time making ANY kind of soap. ;)

My five year old son is the expert soap curl maker, I'm serious, he makes them much better and waaaaay faster than I can, and feels sooo very proud that there is finally something he can do!! :D

Let's see if this works:

Well crap, I guess I would have to upload them to a picture server to show them on the thread huh?




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Thanks everyone, I think they turned out really cute, especially for my first try.

Purple LilacCool! I like your color choice.

Are the curls colored M&P?

Yep, they are all goat's milk M&P soap, unscented (so I can use them in other soaps ;) ) and colored.

MommaDOMG!!! I Freaking LOVE those!!! Another brilliant idea!! HOw does he make the curls?

LOL, thank you very much!! He's using my potato peeler and just peeling off the edges of the soaps (I made them in a small rectangle tupperware container), I'm not kidding I am sooooo slow at doing them, and they don't turn out half as good, and he just whips out a whole bowl of them in like 5 minutes. :wink2:

It's sooo cute, he feels sooo proud of himself.

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Ahhhh thanks guys!! :D That means a lot to me, that you like them, think they would sell, and that you'd buy them.

I don't sell as of yet, just playing around but I'm gonna have to start unloading this stuff somewhere, it's going to start piling up pretty soon. LOL

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Michi...you've inspired me. I've had some M&P soap around here for awhile now & after I saw this soap, I HAD to try it. Well, I made some last night & I am completely addicted. Thanks so much for posting this. You nudged me off of the M&P wagon. :) If I get brave enough, I'll post a picture later.:smiley2:



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