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what Jar is this?

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Hi, I am currently using the apothecary jar but recently decided to switch. I am looking for a smaller jar with a cleaner finish. I saw this jar on line (so cute) and I am curious about what kind of jar it is and where can u buy it? How difficult do you think it will be to wick?:undecided


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I have not seen this jar! I have seen similar but not the exact jar...I think it is great! If you locate it, please let me know....I would like to give it a shot myself. (with the wicking) You will wick for the narrow part of the jar. The MP will help with the bottom, and you might could use one of the wick companies that provide a longer wick tab (to leave some of the wax in the bottom of the jar anyway for saftey) but probably not necessary."Two birds with one stone" if that makes any sense.

It obviously would not be as hard as the hour glass shaped jars but with the same challenge.

I have seen a similar jar at Reikes.

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I have some of these and the Roman and Beanpot ones because they look really nice but the glass IMO isn't as thick as say the status jars unless its my imagination. I've not had any of the few I used crack or anything. Libbey makes nice stuff - don't think I've ever seen any seems on anything except the lids.

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