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Advice please r/o


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My husband brought in my sample case over coffee to one of the guys he works with that buys my candles. Then a guy talked about how his wife and mother-in-law buys tons of candles and could he bring the case home. Well she fell in love with the scents and wsa going to bring them to work and to some sort of home show she is having tonight. So this morning I put together a little gift bag with a little note of appreciation and one of my candles and my husband was dropping off to the guys car this morning. Well it turns out he was giving his wife a ride to work so she brought the candle with her along with the sample case and within a half hour she was claling myhusband with and 15 minutes later called and said she had 10 sold and more coming not to mention tonight. Turns out she works at a huge insurance office building that's filled with women. Here's my question:

I would like to offer her a free candle for every so many she sells for me. How many do you think that numberthat she sells for me should be. I sell only one kind of candle, a 16 oz. tin for $13.00. What would you think? Thanks so much for your advice. I'll be telling her tomorrow.

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