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My First Candle

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I was dam nervous making my first one but I did it. I used j223 (16oz aparthy) with a cd-18 wick, color came out nice, so far (it's been 3 hours since I poured it) it has adhered to the jar nicely, I used a heat gun since I had it for my millitary boots. very nice cold throw, haven't seen a need to repour and I'll be taking pictures tonight to post. I'm very nervouse to test burn it in a few days but I know I have to. hopefully all goes well but reading up on this board constintly for the past 2 weeks has helped me realize it ain't just melt and pour. Anyway just informing ya'll I'm excited and can't wait to show you what my first candle looks like.

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You will most likely not get a complete melt pool with just one wick. Anything 3 inches and above, most of the time, needs to be doubled wicked. I don't know which wicks to double wick with because I don't use that wax.

I was able to single wick a 4" widemouth jar with LX30.

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I am so anxoius to test burn my candle it's killing me, but as with what I've used 16 oz of J223 ( came out nice so far ) cd - 16 wick in an arpothy 16oz jar. very nice cold throw. how do ya'll think it'll burn?

oh ya, and since I'm doing my testing one candle at a time. If I find a good combo with a certain FO and dye with per say 16oz of wax. can I just double it , ect . for bigger batches?

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