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Chstsnuts VS Creme Brulee

Fire and Ice

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I poured the Chestnuts and Brown Sugar and though I personally don't like it, it sold well at the show I did earlier this month!

I been sniffin' & sniffin the Creme Brulee by Peaks and broke down and ordered two pounds.

They do smell similar but I like the creme Brulee better. Would you carry both? If I had to choose CB wins. But if IYO they don't smell similar, I like to carry both this fall and winter. How do you feel?

Make sense?:tongue2: GOOD!:P


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Do you carry a lot of scents? I can definitely smell the difference between the two, but IMO, they are too alike to carry both. But if you have a lot of scents, I'd do both.

I carry 65 scents. Okay, I'll carry both. Thank You all. I guess it helps that I renamed C&BS too. Kinda throws the customer off some hence their noses pick up different things.:D

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