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I am testing the new wax I have, JS 123. I love this wax, it looks so nice, no wet spots! I was having some trouble wicking, but I'm getting close. I tested the 9 oz melting pot jar, 123 wax and the best wick, so far...ECO 10. But in my 1/2 pint JJ, same wax but Z series wick that I always used in those jars I am getting a tiny bit of a hole around the wick, what is causing this? I have one burning now to see how melt pool will be. But I like my candles to be nice and even and smooth, and they were with J50, but I had lots of wet spots with that wax. The 123 is a single pour, why the little sink hole, poured to fast or something? Thanks for your help....Dee

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