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Three new soaps


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The Green one is scented Cucumber Ivy and its the CCCastile recipe from the Millers website that I messed up on. I tried to rebatch only to add too much water and mess it up even more. Well I took some great advise and rebatched it again also adding 1tbs of salt PP and it WORKED woohoo. Well it hardened back up, but i noticed that the salt made the color blotchy. But oh well, I am just happy I saved it.

The second one it scented Sweet Pea, I tied to color it pink, but I only had the Brick Red Oxide from MMS, so I thought by only adding a little, I could make pink. Wrong, it still turned out pretty red. Next time I will try adding white to it as well. But I still love the scent and the soap itself.

The third one is scented OMH, I did a little yellow swirl and the tan color came naturally from the FO and I am pretty impressed. The tan color really makes it look like oatmeal and the yellow swirl looks like honey.





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