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YBII EO blend & Lovespell & cut pics added


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This is the YBII log uncut...

*Removed because 5 pics is too many*

And the extra I had to find molds for ( I didn't calculate size well..lol)...


This one is Love Spell....


I finally got them cut and pics taken.

The YBII, not as much swirly morion as I would like, but not bad....


Lovespell, one bright soap...LOL


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Those are good looking. I was wondering about the small molds. They looks so much better than mine. Do you have a hard time in getting the soap out of them??

Not usually, though I do put them in the freezer along with the logs for a while. It does take patience though. They don't pop right out, but if you hold steady even pressure, they slowly release. I like the clear ones best, then I can see as they release. :)

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Duck you're amazing! You're gonna be one of "THOSE" soapers! The one's who just turn out beautiful soap every time they attempt it! You're well on your way~ I am very impressed!

Personally, I still think it's just beginners luck. But I sure hope it sticks with me. ;)

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Your soaps look great. I'll bet they smell great too. Now I'm almost embarrassed to send you one of my soaps. :P

Oh heavens, don't be! Remember looks aren't everything ;) I'm still new to this and love comparing the different kinds. I'm still figuring out how different recipes feel and look. I'm looking forward to trying yours! :)

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