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Greetings Stacie,

I've gotten my candle tins through SKS-Bottle.com. I've gotten the clear top lid ones but they now have solid covered tins with lil feet on the bottom to help keep the tin cool. So I'm going to discontinue my clear top ones (they are kinda pricey) and get those. The only downfall of this site is they have a minimum order but I usually don't have to worry about that since I order my B&B containers from them. I don't know what the tins are like anywhere else though - I tend to find a supplier and stick with them. SKS has never let me down so why change right?? HTH

Life & Light!


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SKS bottle is the best place, imho. Their tins are much nicer than Speciality. They are also priced really well - discount for buying larger quantities and shipping isn't much because the tins are light. SKS packages really well too - I've never had a scratched or dented tin. :)

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I have to vote for Specialty...since I am in CA the tins come out cheaper than SKS for me due to shipping. I get the tins with the clear tops and they are packaged beautifully: individually wrapped in tissue and their service is excellent...I ordered late thursday night (online) and had my tins yesterday (wed.). I have been very pleased with their service. Tins (in general) are pricey, though! But people seem to love 'em and you don't have to worry about wet spots!! :D

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