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HP Rebatched


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I had used mini muffin pans on my 1st HP batch and it looked like crap. It felt really good just looked weird. So I broke that puppy up, put it back in the crock pot and rebatched it. It was unscented so I didn't have to worry about the fo and i just let it melt and turn to mashed potato. :grin2:

I really wanted to save this cause it was loaded with shea and mango butter(recipe from PV). I put it in a wooden mold and it came out so much better. :D I did get some air pockets though.




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I have a lid for my mold that doesn't sit on top, but goes down in the mold. I cover the surface of the soap with plastic wrap, then press down with the wooden lid to remove air bubbles. Or you could cut a piece of heavy cardboard to size and use that, if you don't have a lid that fits inside the mold.

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