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AXE-Touch..(Update Cut Pics)


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I totally love this scent. It just screams sexy. I had a request for a red and black swirl soap (my boys) and then Nathan asked if I could do swirls that looked like flames. Well, I gave it a shot...will have to see if they look like flames when I take it out of the mold. It's snuggled in for the night.

Here it is without the dividers:


And with the dividers:


And here it is out of the mold. Still needs to be cleaned up but it's a little too soft right now. Smells awesome!!!!!


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Thank you all very much for the wonderful comments. I'm flattered as I admire your soaps as well. As for "where" I got the Axe FO, it's Serendipitous or Serendipities Scents, something like that. I'd never bought from her before but I have to say, it's a great FO. She also carries ALL of the Axe fragrances. Kilo isn't to shabby either. She's sent samples with my order. I haven't taken them out of the mold yet, but when I do, I will be sure to post pics. Thanks again to you all!!!!

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