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First Pillars


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I'm still not sure about this pillar thing. I do like the variables and properties of the various waxes though. The pink one is large crystal palm wax scented with GL's Starla. The mottle is 1274 with a pinch of vybar 103 to cut back on the dense mottle a bit and give me more of a snowflake pattern. I kind of like it. It's scented Trapp's Bamboo Sugar Cane Type.

If I can get the leveling thing down, I think I might make these for myself to have around the house and play mad scientist with. I ordered some 4045H to play with too. I've heard good things about it.

Thanks to dcroome2005, Scented, and Top for answering all my silly questions while waiting for the new supplies to arrive. :P


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Looking good!

Leveling is not hard if you do it in the mold.

Put the presto on low. Drag the pillar over the

surface in a circular pattern; you will feel when

it's hitting metal all around. Pull it up; wipe the

Presto and you are done.

If you pull it out first and then try to level, you

take off a lot more pillar!

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Lovely looking candles.

Ditto Eugenia on the levelling, it's by far the easiest way to level pillar bottoms, perfect results every time.

Just remember to leave the mould seal in place or you may find the candle slips out of the mould while you're trying to level it...ask me how I know!

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