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Tart Question

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Container wax is a little soft. I use 1/2 container wax and 1/2 pillar/votive wax. I use GB 464 & Cargil V-1. They aren't as greasy to touch and after melting in a tart burner they pop out easily when cooled. IMO

Testing: Just add a couple of squares in each tart burner for each scent you make.

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I also use 1/2 container and 1/2 votive/pillar for my clamshells. I have used just container, and mine were a lil too "greasy", but they did work. I guess it's all in your preference.

As for testing, I put a chip or two in a glass bowl I use on my warmer to test for scent throw. You would do the same for your wickless, just plop em on the warmer and wait...the easiest things to test, IMO. :D

Good Luck!


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I think with tarts container wax isn't too bad. But with melts I noticed they melt in your hand to fast and are oilier to handle. I asked Jason at GB if he recommended any certain blend of the waxes and he said 416 was great for tarts.

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