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Anyone use EZsoy and tins?

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I have tried searching but I kind of suck at it! LOL

I am testing the 8 oz deep with ezsoy. I tried the ECO10 and it left a fair amount of hang up.

Then I tried the Eco14 ( I don't have 12) and it burned great but mushroomed.

I am interested to hear from others who use these.

Also i was looking at the 16 oz deep tins and they are 4', would you double wick these?

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Oo I don't think I need to double wick in the 8. This is the deep tin, not the flat one.

The flat ones look really cool, but the thought of double wicking scares me for some reason. lol

I don't have to double wick the 8 oz...but the 16oz I did....don't let it scare you, it'll work out, you just have to wick down I believe. I'm sure someone who double wicks more than I have will chime in.


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You may want to take a look at this thread:


I use Golden 464 which allows you to wick down from say the 415 (accdng to what I've read here) and I use CD 10's almost exclusively in the 8oz tins. I also tried Eco 10, RRD40, LX 18 and HTP104/105 with decent results. Remember, you would proabably wick UP from my results. Good luck!


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I think daniedb uses that wax, or has in the past and if you PM her, she may be able to help.

I used to use it, but recently when I went back to it, I found that the formula changed dramatically from 7 months ago. Leaving me to have to start all over again, or leave it all together....so far, I've not reordered.

I know that the tea light wick is TL 25...beautiful, and long burn.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but if I find anything out, I'll let you know.

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Hola! I am here! I managed to get a nice MP and great throw with EZ soy and a titch of b/w with a CD 18 or 20. Tins freak me out, though - I am STILL testing them after a year, because they just get so durn hot when they burn for too long. It seems that an 18 is just a tad too small and a 20 just burns sooooo hot with such a giant flame. Haven't found the perfect solution, but I hope to - I sure do love them.

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