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Appointment with SBA..UPDATE


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Had my apt today at 8am..took about an hour..we talked alot...I had most of the paperwork already filled out..the big thing is he said he was VERY impressed with my biz plan..it was long but very detailed and decided even though they are not supposed to submitt on with loans at these amounts he is going to anyway..along with a letter I wrote. YIPPY! he is very interested in my biz and is going to try everything to get me this loan...even if for some reason they say no..then he is still going to negotiate with them on my behalf..he also said he is NOT telling his wife about my biz..lol...:D I took that as a compliment.

Bad part is he said it will be about a week before I know anything at all. :( POOH!

Thanks for all the happy thoughts and prayers!:)

Will keep ya'all updated as I find out.


..got my apt for 8am Wednesday..now that I spent 2 weeks doing a very indepth biz plan..I CANT USE IT!!!!!!

AHHHHHHH...they said because it is an UNSECURED loan they don't need one...and don't use one ..it goes just on credit and info on the loan..CRAP!

I filled out 3 different sets of loan papers..found an even better store location right across the street (a busy one at that) from the MAJOR tanning salon in our town. WHOOHOOO..can you say TARGET MARKET!!!!!

anyway..need good vibes, prayers for Wed..since I now cannot have a co-signor and cannot submitt my biz plan..I am scared.:(

I really want to be open by this Christmas season.

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Good luck, but I think you could put that business plan to use anyway ... personal motivator, personal time tracker etc. You don't know what may come down the road and you're likely to have a path towards success with a plan than shooting in the dark. KWIM?

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yes I will still use it.. it has EVERYTHING for my store in it..even each individual product broke down by cost, wholesale and retail pricing..that is how indepth I went..what uniforms employees would wear etc....my store decor..products I am carrying..scents etc...opening inventory broke down by supplier etc...how many different products I can make with salt, with scrub base etc.. I am very happy with it..and I think I am going to laminate it..it took me so long to do..and is my first REAL full biz plan...can't wait to look back a year from now and see how I stuck to it or if I change anything.:D

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Wishing you lots of good vibes and good luck. A business plan is always a smart idea. Even if you don't use it now keep it for next years strategic planning.

I finally put together a marketing plan but don't seem to have time for the biz plan. I just got a small startup loan and also didn't need one but I still wish I had one.

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