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Whipped (?) Hypnotic Poison (Really Ugly Cut Pics! 1st Post)


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Thought it was time to give whipped soap a try. Purple Lilac gave me a link I hadn't seen yet and it got me all fired up, so this morning I gave it a whirl for the second time. (Here's the link for those who might be interested: http://home.exetel.com.au/lozniz/Whipped/ )

Mine didn't turn out at lovely as the pics on his site, but it's a start. Scented with SW Hypnotic Poison and colored with black aussie clay, amethyst pink dry color, mint green oxide, and gold mica.


These lovely colors have morphed into THIS purely poisonous looking soap! :tongue2: It smells great though... Oh my! I think I'll just call it "Poison". It does need to be cut with a wire.


I couldn't seem to get it as stiff as his demo pics, it was more like airy clotted cream even though I beat it a LONG time and chilled the oils in the freezer. :o But at least it's in the mold! (Soapy Note: My very first try was Saturday and all seemed to be going well...and then I added SW Watermelon Slice and that batch seized and got stiff like "set" mousse and then started hardening in the bowl. I dumped the color in that I had prepared and beat the living daylights out of it! It made soap, but not whipped soap.) :laugh2:

Thanks for looking!

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For the next batch I'm going to be sure the FO I select does NOT discolor. I should have thought ahead about this very important fact and checked - that's pretty basic to color selection for a soap. :rolleyes2 It's my guess that this soap will continue to darken and should in several days be terminally ugly.

So on to the next batch. Nothing like experimenting!:D

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