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I posted below.....New question now that the wax is here!!!

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I recieved the Homegrown Blend of Soy Wax (Pillar Blend).

I was planning to use it for wax melts in clamshells. The only thing that worries me is it says melt at 200 degrees. It says they only use metal molds (for pillars that is).

Is this going to be to hot for a clamshell?

I am afraid it will melt it. I have never worked with soy. These are the only directions and I tried to call them, but they are not open until tomorrow morning. If it will melt them I will have to pour them into individual tart molds (metal) and package them differently. I started the clamshells to get away from the individual melts.

I hope someone has an answer to this. I don't want to make a huge mess :(

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I have not used it in a glass container yet but do have a few tins lit now that I wanted to play with and so far so good..I do not think that it will get to hot for a glass jar either..(candle jar).. you will have to try to pour and do testing on it ...if this is what you want to try.. and of course getting your wick right etc..

I would not be afraid of soy.. it is a nice wax to work with.. the hardest part to soy is like every other type of candle out there the frustration of the testing..:cheesy2: ..just jump in ..you will be amazed..


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Normally if it is pillar wax, it is made to release (retract) from the mold. It may not now, but eventually it may pull away from the sides of the container jar and you could have a rattling candle. That is why they make a container blend, that is for the most part, made to adhere to the container. Some of them pull only slightly from the jar.

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Thank you all for your responses. Everyone is always so helpful in this board.

I am going to try it out today. I have some tins, I will try it in one of those and see what happens. I should have ordered the container wax as well. I am mostly going to make melts out of it. If I have good results with them, then I will work with the container soy wax next.


Thanks so much....Amy

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