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Wax 1275 from C & S?

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I have been using wax 1275 from Candles & Supplies, but I have been reading lots of posts on this board about J50 & J223. I was wondering if anyone else had used this 1275 that I use. It is a veg/par blend and is so easy to work with. I get a great cold throw from this wax. I also get a good hot throw, but there are some FO's that do not have a hot throw with this.

Comments wanted.....;)

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Hi Southern, I also have been using this wax, but I mix it w/ J223, this was at Cindy's recommendation @ C&S. Mixing this way gets you a beautiful, smooth, creamy jar, w/ no repour needed ever (slow cooling!), and cuts down on cure time. We use CD Heinz Coreless wicks w/ this blend. With these wicks we get a great hot throw @ 9% w/ MOST oils!


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I know the scent throw is pretty decent but I have not had a lot of luck with this wax. I get major frosting no matter what temp I pour at, and regardless of scent, even preheating jars. I mixed 50/50 with Comfort Blend and not much better. I actually just got a slab each of Harmony Blend, J50 and J300, because I was so frustrated with 1275. J300 with a little vybar is working out beautifully and the burn tests have been great too.

I just poured 50/50 of 1275 and J50, so after the cure I'll light one up and let you know how it goes, if interested. :-)

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