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Just cant get hot throw

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OK y'all I need help from a pro please

Been working with the same fo for a few weeks trying to get it right, eco advance wax not the new, heat to 190, add dye ( I've also tried without dye) then add the fo 1.5 oz fireside, have also tried 1 oz, cool to 150 then pour without wick, because I've been trying different wicks, all eco's... after I pour I cover with a box to slow down cooling, when its cool, I cap and let cure for a least a week, some have cured 2. at 1 oz I couldnt get a cold throw at 1.5 I do, but still no hot throw unless Im standing right over it. eco 8 seems to do the best, I get about 3/8 melt pool in 3-4 hours, nothing on the sides.

Has anyone tried this scent in soy and had it throw? Why is it that I can take the leftover wax without curing it and put it on my candlewarmer and get great throw but not in a candle? Is it because the warmers melt a bigger wax pool? I can also zap it with my heat gun and smell it. Should I try a different brand of wick or just assume it wont throw in soy? I really want this scent to work because its my all time favorite. btw it works great in tarts using the eco soy pillar wax.

Help please!

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Wow you are determined at this point you are going to have to say that Fo is not going to work in that wax.

Try a the same FO from some where else. Truthfully I don't ever give a FO that much of a chance If I can't get at least a light throw I will a pitch it. If I get some throw I will adjust wicking and additive to get it better but I still won't go what you went through.

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Feeling a bit better about the wax tonight :) I tested some of the candles I made yesterday and could smell them!!

I had good throw with

vanilla velvet

maple special

hot cocoa

apples and oak

cranberry spice


a northwoods xmas

got very faint throw from

log cabin

woodland trail

tried one with toasted marshmellows and campfire smoke and almost burned out some nose hairs trying to smell it, no scent at all

I had candles going in every room :) me and my daughter would check on the smells, she thought it was fun :)

I feel a bit less of a failure now,lol, but fireside is still bugging me, Im going to try a few other waxes with it.

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I cannot get a hot thow from the new CB advanced either......I am scrapping that wax!


Crap, I just ordered some of that wax ... what about the other? http://www.peakcandle.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=PCMS&Product_Code=EcoSoya-CB135&Category_Code=WAX

Those aren't Peaks FOs. Could it be your FO source? Maybe they're weak a$$ FOs?

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mtngrl, you should at least try it before you give up on it :) . I don't know what version of the wax Peak's is selling, but the new version has better throw than the old. If the throw is not to your liking, blend it with another soy to increase the throw (I can't remember, I think the proportion is 80/20 - I think its in the archives somewhere). The other wax you listed, has a better throw IMO than both of them but the advanced blends (either) will have a better look (no frost) than either a soy blend (the CB135) or the Ecosoya Pure Soy. The newer version of the advanced also has better adhesion that the old, but shrinks around the wick more than the old (that I have found).

I do use very strong FOs in my containers - something that you bought up.


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I'm fairly new to the candlemaking scene but I wanted to let you know that I have heard that the NG Joy Wax is a great wax that gives off an awesome hot/cold throw. I haven't tried it yet but I have heard nothing but good comments about it.

I have ordered my kit and it was shipped out today so I should have it in a couple of days. I can let you know what it's like when I try it! There website is http://www.naturesgardencandles.com and they have a lot of fragrances that sound like they smell good that I haven't heard of before. It's worth trying! Hope this helps!


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