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Soy Embeds??

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I was wondering if wax embeds could be used in soy candles? For intance just putting some Embed strawberries on top of a soy container candle or some of the crubled looking toppings? If I can be done would you do it after it sets up? at pour time? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.


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Finally something i can help with! lol i usually ask all the questions rather than answer any. lol. I use soy wax, and i have found the best ...in my opinion place to get SOY wax embeds...is kandiesspecialtyshop.com they are very highly scented or available unscented, large variety and they are just great! shes super nice to deal with!! Anyhow I make tarts and put embeds in them, so with a container you could do the same thing, fill it up most of the way but not as full as you normally do, let it set up, then pour the remaining part of the wax on top and put your embeds in, then when it sets up the embeds are stuck in there. =) I hope my input helped in some way! =)


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:drool: Ohhh, I LUV working with embeds! Right now I am making prim mug candles in a variety of the pie scents. I add mine right as they are setting also so they will adhere nicely. It's fairly easy and I've had tons of fun just experimenting with different containers and embeds. Last night, I did a votive container in gingerbread and topped it with a sweet lil' gingerbread boy. It looks really cute! ;)


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