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meat thermometer

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Can you use a meat thermometer to check the temp of your wax? I bought a digital instant one on impulse and now I'm wondering (before I open the package!!!) if you can use it in wax???:(

I got a digital thermometer at Walmart, I like it much better than the glass ones. I believe the digital gives a much more accurate reading. I would like it to be longer and have clip though. But it still works really well.

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Yes, I feel it is pretty accurate. When I first got it, I tested it with a regular glass thermometer and it was right on. IMHO

Yes, you do have to mix your pot , because it is for surface tempature.

It has worked well for me and it is so easy. Its the only one I use now!!:cool2:

When I went to a candle class, the teachers were using it, I was hooked!!

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