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She Gave Birth!!!!


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I have been tearing my hair out to get this half way right.

This is momma bear and her 3 cubs. lol

I know it's not perfect, but at least I have something to show for the 5 attempts at her.

Man that was an awfully long labor!!!!

Thank you so much "Top" for your help me and putting up with my million questions. I owe ya....:D

Front & back pics.

The candles arn't crooked, just the photographer...lol


Scented Cool Waters....

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Thanks for all the kind words Everyone.:)

HeHe I am a gluten for punishment..

I have more in right now. Doing these in bayberry.

Actually they were my 1st 1's I tried and got tired of trying them so left them as they were. But now I'm re-doing them lol

Papa turned out way to pretty to burn now.:( It turned out looking like stone.

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Nice mottles.

I have a mottle that has patchy mottling similar to yours, & I'm not particularly fond of it. Then, I look at yours and think, "wow, those look really cool." Guess I'll have to take a 2nd look at the one in question and pretend you made it. Bet I'll like it tons more! lol ;)

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I actually started out with an Aqua green. then I thought it was to light so i added black to it and came up with this color. i like the color. It really looks good on Papa. I am going to post him now.

Thanks again for all the kind comments. Now I hope my hair grows back in. :laugh2:

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