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Leftover scents....need mixing ideas

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I have some scents that I got within the past 6 months that either someone asked for or I tried and it did not sell very well and now I have the oils sitting here and I would like to see them gone.

If any of you can come up with some mixing ideas I would greatly appreciate it. I printed out the scent mixing idea sheet from this site also.

Here is what I have:

Spring Rain

Juniper Breeze

Tropical Cooler


Lily of the Valley

Bay Breeze

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough




Thanks for any help...Amy

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ohh i love mixing stuff

even stuff that doesnt sound good sometimes is

I bet the spring rain and jasmine would make a nice scent..that you could give a hokey name like nature walk or something:p

banana margarita?

maybe peony and lily(& jasmine?) and call it grandmas garden or soemthing

the tropical one with banana would prob work as well..

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Instead of mixing, couldn't you just do layered scents? I see many combinations right off the bat, but Choc. Chip Cookie dough may just have to be by itself. You could do a chunky pillar with the cookie dough, that would be cool. Brown chunkies with a very pale beige/dark ivory overpour.

Layer the "drink" FOs and call it Happy Hour,Girls' Night Out. :shocked2:

And the florals could be layered and called wedding bouquet.

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spring rain + juniper

You could probably combine the flowers for some kind of garden.

Here's something you can do to test combos for yourself .... dip a q-tip, or something similar, into the FO. Place it & others in an airtight container so that the FOs can mingle. Then, remove the lid & take a whiff to see if you like it or not.

I don't know who to credit w/ this idea, I got it from the old board & have been using it ever since.

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Oh put that peony, jasmine and lily of the valley together lol! That ought to give off a nice floral bouquet.

Agree with Sherie's suggestion. Tropical cooler and margaritaville ought to make a nice mixed drink for you to name or a nice summery beachy feel.

chocolate chip cookie dough and the banana might just work together for a chunky monkey maybe.

Bay breeze, spring rain and juniper breeze might be an interesting combo as well.

Have fun playing around with all this ;)

Heck you could get a pretty good smell with the spring rain and the florals as well. I'd start with the rain and add touches of the florals to it.

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Anything to get rid of these oils. I have a show this weekend and next, so I may mix them and try to sell them at next weeks. Not sure I can get them made in time for Saturday.

I did a layered candle with the banana. It took awhile to sell. People only bought it because it was pretty, so they said :laugh2:. It was in a 16oz mason jar nothing fancy. As far as pillars, I have never done those yet. I am only familiar with containers. I am not sure if pillars are popular in this area. I will try and post a pic of the banana one. It is Cherry, Banana & Strawberry. I called it Banana Split :wink2:. I had a lady that placed an order and she wanted Lilac, Jasmine & Lily of the Valley. It was pretty, looked like an easter candle because of the colors.

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