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Lotion Bar Preservative?


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I have made several lotion bars and have recently discovered that most of them have developed a "cloudy" appearance and some have even formed white "crystals"! I put them in tins - would this be the culprit? Or do they have to sit and cure before packaging? I have tried making them again and shrink wrapping them before putting them in tins and so far so good, but I'm not sure if it will prevent this awful look.

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I put mine in tins and have never had that problem, I actually just went and got one of my personal ones that I had from Christmas and it still looks great and smells awesome. I do not wrap them in anything or cure them. I just make them and plop them right in the tin once they are solid.

It could be the shea butter crystalizing or becoming gritty (that is if you are using shea), I have had that problem with shea butter in lip balms in the past.

What are you using to color them, I use jojoba spheres and have had no problem with cloudiness.

Hopes this helps


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