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Wax, Scents, and everything candles

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Ok i have been shopping around, calling all the craft stores and have only found two places that sell wax/candle supplies, the cheapest wax i found was for a 2 kilo bag costing £8.49 ($15.28), basically i was just wondering weather that was a good price or weather you can actually get it cheaper on the internet, i have had a look around but most of the sites were in dollars.

Hopefully someone can help me out.

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when you buy in most crafts stores you are gonna have limited quanity and quality and usually pay retail.. you are much better off buying wholesale on internet.. check out the community links page on this site for some suppliers

the type of wax will vary the price, i buy the type i most use for about 55.00 USD for 55 lbs (1$ a lb) .. whats that about 25 KG?( i suck at metric) the price does go down when you buy in bulk.. when I buy a smaller 11 lb sample of wax I pay about 1.26 per lb

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