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What kind of wax...

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More Details: Melt Point 139. Great for translucent overpour & chunks.

This fully refined paraffin wax has a great translucent

quality and is perfect for chunk pillars or votives, and is

pliable enough so it makes a great Cut & Carve wax! It's

also the most popular wax for dipping bears. Good mold

release and burn charachteristics. This wax can also

mottle and produce a great rustic look with certain

fragrance oils and no other additives.

This wax will require repours.

does not have a high FO load though! only 3% by wieght!

It is called semi -translucent I have found that it is about as good as you get for transclucency. I have heard about a clear pillar wax. I think candlewic carries it, but I have not tried it

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IGI 4627 was pretty translucent for me in containers. That being said, some people have had trouble getting it to throw. I was able to get a muted pink translucent pillar (actually 97 of them) with IGI 4625. HTH

I love this Pillar wax IGI-4625. I have had great results with it.:cheesy2:

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Any of the mottling waxes will look pretty translucent if you don't add FO, so 1343, 1274 or 4045H would all work.

As for containers? I haven't seen a translucent container wax, but I see no reason why you couldn't use something like 1343 in the container. You may have to test a few wicks to figure out how to wick it, but I've put pillar wax in containers many times. (because yeah, back when I first started making candles no one said I couldn't do it so I did it! Same reason I made J223 votives! lol)


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