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What is your experience with dyes (type gd. or bad)

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Hello again all,

Can't help it! More questions :laugh2: LOL

What is your experiences with the different ways to dye your candles.

The only thing I have used is liquid concentrated and liquid dye for soy.

They have worked ok, but I don't have anything else to compare them to or know if they were causing a problem ex.

clogging up the wick /

What would a clogged wick look like? :rolleyes2

I know what mushrooming is but not sure about any other problems.

All the colors have blended fine no seperation .

Always thankful for your input :)


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As I've never had a clogged wick, I can't help you with what one looks like, however, I can tell you that I use liquid dyes with great success. I have never had any kind of burn problem, whether my color is light or dark...the dark sometimes show increased frosting, but it has never affected the throw or burn of my candles.

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