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FINALLY! The great wax search of 2005 is OVER!


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Hi all! I just HAD to share some great news! I have finally, after 6 months of searching, found my perfect wax! I have to tell you that I don't know what it is, but I have tried so many waxes, I have lost count. I thought I had the perfect one with the harmony blend, but it was too smoky/sooty. I was so frustrated that I almost gave up. I decided to try one more (THANKS DALLAS TEXAS DEAN!) - the Taylored Concepts 50/50 soy paraffin blend.

HALLELUJAH! NO SMOKING with Zincs! Great CT AND HT! NO SOOTING! GREAT MELT POOL! So after hours and hours and lots of money later, I am thrilled that I may actually begin the process of making candles! I know there is still lots of testing to be done, but the great news is that I at least have a wax to test with!

I want to thank all of you that have stood by my side through all my wax woes! I appreciate your help and inspiration!

I will keep you updated!

DISCLAIMER: Just because I have had tremendous luck with this wax, it doesn't mean it will work for everyone. As most of you know, wax is like children...tempermental! I hope you find a perfect wax that works perfect for you! LOL :laugh2:

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Guest highflier

Congrats on your find. I like you went thru a few waxes myself.

J-223 had a few to many wet spot, and the harmony blend would burn so fast that I could not control how deep the melt pool got. I like you found Taylor Concepts and got their new Taylor Container Blend the first day it came in. It is awesome! Unbelieveable CT and HT. No soot with the zinc wicks either. And very few wet spots after 2 weeks setting in a very cool room. I will try their 50/50 blend later this year.


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IMHO You have discovered an important fact that is: Its' what works well for you. I believe you will find that true of FO's, Wicks , Containers etc etc. Knowing what works well for someone else gives a starting point not necessarily the destination. Good for You!

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cut and pasted from their website -

We Ship UPS Ground unless otherwise specified.


Larger orders may be shipped via truck line-either



AS OF 06/01/2005 Taylored Concepts will no longer ship UPS C.O.D.

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They ship...what they are trying to say is that their normal way of shipping is UPS (ground)...and you will be notified if other means of shipping will be used.

I know lol

I was just answering Lynn-Marie's post on the previous page - I didn't realise that my post would be carried over to the next page - Without being right under her post guess I didn't make myself very clear with that post did I?

Sorry bout that! :smiley2:

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