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Hello all:) I am a candlemaker interested in getting into B&B products. I thought I would look into some premade bases to start off with. I found some premade bases that state "stir/mix thickening agent into product". I did a search for a thickening agent for bath and body products and got too many hits for me to look through them all- but the ones I did look at were all different "thickening agents". Does anyone here use a thickening agent for their bath and body products? And if so, what do you use? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Theresa :)

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I have to agree Bittercreek all the way before I started making my own lotion. Now I wouldn't buy for the life of me. I like mine far too much lol took a long time to accomplish the feel I was looking for though. Good luck hun and defanitely give BC a good look if you are interested in a premade ready to go base. You are looking at base in a tub where you add water to make it expand. (BAD BAD stuff.. tends to grow lots of beasties if not preserved right.)




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