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Wondering how many of you make soy and paraffin type candles?

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I did a small show this weekend and had several people ask if I had soy candles. I use 1275 vegetable/parrafin blend and have great results and my current customers are happy with it.

What I want to know are there any of you that use this type or paraffin and also have a soy line with it? I thought mayeb after the holidays, during slow months I might start testing soy and just have a small line to go with my other.

What are your opinions on this?


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I make paraffin and I also have a line of soy candle.

I have my strictly paraffin users and strictly soy users. I find that most people do not know what soy is and others are just learning. I do have customers who have asked about what is soy and the difference. Some customers buy both depending what I have in stock fore the scent they like.

But over all I sell more parffin than anything. But I continue to carry the soy as more people or becomming familar with it and plus my soy customers purchase around $100-150 at a time per customer. There is alot of soy out there but not all of them give a great scent throw.

Hope this helps.


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