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Perky Designs in Texas? I have only ordered from them twice and I absolutely love my labes. Me being in Ontario, it usually takes about 2 weeks for them to get here. Well I placed a rather large order May 10 and haven't seen hide no hair. I waited until about mid June to contact them and after doing so several times they finally emailed me back saying that they should have been there by now, and trusting that I am not ripping them off, they will ship out again. So I think they did this around June 17, well so far nothing once again. I have asked them to veryify my address, but since they have shipped to me twice before, I can't see why that should have changed. So far they haven't verified that they have my correct address. The one girl contacted the Post Office and they suggested she try shipping to canada another method, (which I can't remember) I have emailed them numerous times since mid July when I realized the last order wasn't going to arrive either. Either asking to get my money back, because I am starting to get angry, or to reship for a third time in a different manner. I even offered to pick up the tab for shipping on my end. I have a feeling that they think I am getting all these labels and ripping them off, but of course that isn't the case. Now I realize they went on vacation from Aug 10-29 and can't be contacted. I really don't want to give up on these labels because I really love how they look and I am willing to spend the money on them because I think that is a really important part of selling. I am however getting VERY frustrated with them. I know they have a very reputable company, and I just can't understand why this is dragging out so long???

Main problem is that we may be moving to another area of Ontario within the next couple of months and when we do I will have to change something on my label." Proudly handcrafted in Muskoka" wont apply anymore because we won't be living here. Knowing this in May didn't concern me because I knew I could still have the spring/summer/fall to sell. Now is is almost pointless unless they are willing to change that part of the label if they ship out again. GGGGGRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say. Thanks for letting me vent!!! Sharon

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Sorry to say I have never worked with them. However I was going to offer, if you'd like to have them shipped to me... as I'm located in Texas as well and shipping shouldn't be too much i could try shipping them to you. At the same time if they dont' make it there then they are no longer responsible so that might not be a good idea either. I just like to help out where ever I can so if I can be of any help let me know :).

Good Luck and sorry to hear you haven't gotten your labels by now that's a long time to wait for something.


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Guess what!! After not hearing from these people since July, they decide to email me after they are informed there will be a charge back to their account. She was short and to the point.


We sent your order out twice and have not received it back.


How dare she say "what is this' to me. She had many opportunities and warnings that I would pursue this further, and now she gives me attitude.

Well I am not going to give her the satisfaction of answering her email and she how she likes it!! Thanks for letting me vent once again:)

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