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looking to start making soy candle

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Hi, DJ, welcome! Here's a link listing lots of suppliers. It's always good if you can find one close enough to pick up or at least close enough the shipping isn't too bad. A lot of suppliers offer kits, which is a great way to get started.


Just reading the current posts will give you lots of information; there are many kinds fo soy wax out there. If you haven't found it yet, the search feature is very helpful!

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I would suggest googling for soy candle supplies and then trying to find some place close to you. Once you do that, start with a starter kit and do lots of research and testing. A starter kit will help you get started to determine if this is for you before you spend tons of money. Those of us that do this and are serious about it, have spent countless hours and tons of money to perfect our candles. This isn't something you will learn over night. Be prepared to do as we have and put your time, energy and money into this. Make sure to ask lots of questions after trying to find the answer out. Keep good notes too. Good luck.

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