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I finally made some bath bombs.....


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They looked perfect for a while....... then they BOMBED!! :(

Well, actually they got a tiny bit warty, which was no biggie, but then they started flattening out, until my bombs looked like cow patties. :cry2:

I made these a couple of weeks ago, and they ARE rock hard now, but man I just don't know what I did wrong with these dudes. ???

I know for sure I made them too big but they just seemed so easy to make that I was super excited...........until each hour after I made them they got flatter and flatter and flatter. :(

Anyone know why they would do that?

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YOu just need the tiniest bit of moisture. Cut it to 1/4. Try not to spray extra - it will stick if it's the tiniest bit damp - almost too damp to tell it's damp! Grab a handful and squeeze - if it stays together at all (not the edges, but the center) you've probably got enough moisture. I started with small measuring cups as molds and the like and made half-balls to learn about how much moisture - they are more forgiving cause you donj't have to worry about the halves sticking together.

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Thanks for the tips.

I tried making some in smaller candy/soap molds but they just crumbled when I tried taking them out, so I thought I didn't have enough moisture. ???

I did try the squeezing of the mixture before putting into the ornament molds but it seemed so dry to me, so I kept spraying and spraying and spraying, I guess I went a bit overboard. LOL Hence the reason I'm sure I got the warts also. LOL

I'm anxious to try the meatballer since I didn't have any luck with the soap/candy molds and my ornament molds are waaaaay too big for using a whole bomb in the tub.

Probably won't get to this until next week though, as I'm overloaded with a mess of supplies I'm going through trying to weed out and sell. ;)

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I don't know what molds you tried but I think big and chunky is the easiest - smooth, no corners.

When spritzing try half a spritz at a time.

Yea, warts are from too much water, but also from unevenly mixed-in liquid. I actually sieve mine once I mix in the liquid. Otherwise I always get warts.

Have fun with it - the ingredients are relatively cheap, and my kids love my messes too - they enjoy dumping a load of fizzing dust into the tub as much as a bath bomb!

Let us know!

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Sometimes I get warts on my bathbombs & I finally figured out what the problem was. I either accidently put too much coloring into that particular batch or there was too much 'wetness' in the room.

I am not sure if that is what is happening with yours, but I wanted to share.

If you find one of those temperature/humidity guages at a store - buy one. Has to be the best investment I've ever made with my bathbombs.

Pick a day that you think your bathbombs will work and measure the temp/humidity. Get yourself a log book and go to work - if you can log your batches in every day at different conditions, you can pretty much nail down where your recipe works the greatest.

I hear alot of people talk about humidity and bathbombs, but my ideal conditions in my bathbomb area are always 40-65% humidity and 60-80 degrees. I bought a humidifier and a dehumidifier, heater, fan and of course I also have AC so if that needs to be turned on, it goes on to duplicate my perfect bathbomb atmosphere.

I spent so much time on this the first time I moved into a new space. The week I was there I had to throw out quite a few bathbombs because I was having major problems. When you have problems like that you just want to cry and I did too! (and I threw alot of stuff)

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