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These are my test burns, please look!

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Ok, i've been test burning 3 and I think I have come to a conclusion on which wick to use but I would still like everyone's input..it would be greatly appreciated!

Pic #1 is a 3.5" Astorlite F Pillar, used RRD 47 and its been burning for 5 hours and still going.

Edited to add: Now I have just checked on the Astor F pillar and after 5.5 hrs, the wall is starting to get very thin and I can tell Im about to have a blow out anytime. But its kinda cool that it can last 5 hours without any problems!

Pic #2 is a 3.5" pillar made with 1343, it has an LX28 wick and has been burning for 3 hrs. The candle is consuming itself without flowing over.

Pic #3 is a 3" jelly jar, made with J223..its wicked with an LX20 and has been burning for 2.5 hrs. It has consumed all the wax but Im thinking maybe I should go one down on this one. I had a full mp in one hour. Is this ok in jar candles??

Thanks for looking all and any input you can give is appreciated!!





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