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Please help! Im on a deadline!!!

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Ok, i've racked my brain and cant for the life of me what would give a bigger mp than an LX 30. I did a 4 1/2 x 5 round Astor F pillar for someone and well...#1, it didnt give the feathery design except on the bottom..pouring too hot maybe? I poured at 150. If thats the right temp, then all I can think of is that last time I used an alum. mold and this time I used a metal mold. It came out beautiful in the alum mold but not in the metal. I also didnt record what temp I poured at. I know it was cool..directions say 145-155. Anyway, #2..I wicked it with an LX 30 and after almost 4 hrs of burn time, I still have about 1 1/4" shell around the mp. I have no clue what would work better. Maybe an HTP 1312? or 1316, whatever it is..the biggest HTP that is made. Can someone please tell me what they wick 4 1/2 veggie pillars with? thanks much!


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You are pouring too cool. You need to pour hot and let the wax cool very slowly. When the wax cools slowly you give the molecules time to line up, that's what makes the great pattern. Palm wax feathers better in aluminum than in reg metal molds. RRD wicks are the recommended wicks for palm. That said, I used to use #1SB for a 3 inch pillar and there are others on the board that use 24 or 30 (I think those are right) flat braid. I'd start with a #3SB and go up from there.

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