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what wax do you use to make apple embeds???

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I have tried a bunch of waxes and can't get them out of the yellow stupid molds. If I can get those apples out in one piece they would be nice but I keep breaking them in half cause my hands get tired and I stop pushing so I think I need to use a harder wax to make the apple tarts.

Any ideas????

Thank you


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Have you tried slicing 1 side of the mold almost to the bottom?

That is what I was told to do for the yellow 1's and now I do it for the purple 1's also.

You just secure them with a rubber band when makng the embed.

They won't leak.

I have the teeny duck 1 and still cut it because his head would break off.

What's a duck without a head? lol

Anyways, worth a try.

I was also turned on to Hassle Free IGI 4761 One-Pour Embed/Votive Wax

That is awesome to work with, never sticks and comes out beautiful


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once you work with one of the molds made with the purple silicone, you will never want to work with the yellow ones...the yellow ones stain, get dimples in the inside and are a pain to clean out the crevices. I never get any of that with the purple ones and they are a breeze to clean.

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