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This is my first layered pillar. I like how one side looks, but the other side... yuck.:cry2: I posted a couple of different angles, FWIW.



The pic below is of the side I don't like. Next to it is a just a votive that I made with the leftover wax.


Thanks for looking,


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I see where you're coming from. Oftentimes I'll unmold a set of pillars and a couple of sides will look really cool and one side will just look strange. I just pass it off like I meant to do it , and face that part against the wall LOL!

I love the first 2 pictures though. Your colors and pour placement are perfect.


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Love what you did w/ the angles. How did you do it?

Too bad about the other side. Well, if nothing else, you won't hate to burn it, right? ;) Funny & odd how one side worked out really well & the other ... not so much. One would think they'd work out the same on both sides when doing tilted layers like that. Do you have any idea how it went awry?

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