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Am I losing my mind? Jar sizes...

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Hi all... my turn for the dumb question of the day":rolleyes2

I use pint jars for my container candles. 1 pint = 16oz. so is my candle actually 12 oz with shrinkage? I have been measuring and pouring 12oz but if any wax is left over, pour it into tart tins. It looks as though in liquid oz, a pint is 12oz to the neck and 16oz to the very top brim. This is important to me because I am trying to figure my exact cost of wax per candle.

Also, what would I say I am selling? a 12oz candle? It sertainly cannot be a 16oz candle. I have been thinking that my pints were considered 10oz candles for the past few days but used to think they were 12oz. ACK! help me someone please! :shocked2:


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I may be wrong (frequently am as a matter of fact lol) but I believe it isn't liquid ounces you should measure but rather weight - weigh your container and wick before you pour and then weigh the finished product - might even want to weigh a number of them and then take your average for your product label and not try and weigh each one

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