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What is the BEST VANILLA out there?


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hm....Have you tried Peaks vanillas? I haven't tried anything plain from them but their Vanilla Hazlenut is AWESOME!!!

I guess to make it easier for us to suggest, what vanilla's have you tried and where did you get them? That way nobody suggests scents you've already tried and were unhappy with.



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I second The Scented Bean's Vanilla Dreams -- awesome -- stronger than a lot of the other vanillas -- vanillas always seem kinda light. I also like Just Scent's Vanilla of Pearl. I need to try Peak's vanillas. I am sure they will have a good one too. :smiley2:

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I don't like vanilla (anything)

I will only pour Peak Vanilla Passion for a friend of mine. I don't particularly like it but I tollerate it. If that helps.

To me the Vanilla Vodoo from CC smells buttery. Very strong though!

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I didn't think Peaks Vanilla Passion smelled floral at all! It reminds me of VS Vanilla lace. Every nose is different! LOL

What type of vanilla are you looking for? A plain straight vanilla? A buttery vanilla? A complex vanilla with other notes?

I am loving JS Victorian Vanilla right now. But I change every week! LOL

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I have used many Vanilla's over the years and have setteled on EL's Vanilla. If you like french Vanilla's add a mix of EL Buttercream to their vanilla. I had to clients who were bringing in Essential Oil Vanilla Blends (smelled great) and they both dropped them and went back to my EL Vanilla

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