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Uplands and CPOP


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I just ordered myself 2 new upload molds (12 bar and 48 bar) Can anyone tell me if they have had success using an upland for CPOP? I dont want to accidently ruin it. (And no im not expecting the 48 bar mold to fit in my oven :) )

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I was told on another forum that with the smallest 12 bar mold, you need to be careful doing CPOP with it but the other molds are just fine in the oven. Apparently even with the oven only on 170, the mold can get too hot and crack and warp since its so small. You can do CPOP, but I was told to turn the oven on and let it preheat. When I start my lye water, turn the oven off. Once the batch is done, put the mold in the oven and then let it stay in over night. I have the small 12 bar mold and I did this and my mold did just fine. My soap was ugly as sin and stunk to high heaven, but that had nothing to do with the mold - that was "operator error." :P

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