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Shipping is getting so outrageous these days. Can anyone recommend a reputable supplier of basic soap supplies (preferably reasonably priced:wink2: ) anywhere near La? I've been getting most of my oils, cocoa & shea butter, etc. from California. Thanks for any and all suggestions!!:smiley2:

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Here is a link for suppliers by state - maybe you can find one close to you.

Mike at Columbus Foods is great to work with and very prompt shipping - I placed an order in the am and got my products the next day ( I am not that

far away but with gas prices the way they are it was worth the shipping).


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Rena, you said that you've been getting most of your supplies in CA, could you tell me what sites you've been using? I'm in CA, so that should help ME with shipping charges. ;)

I'll keep my eyes open for any places closer to you also. :D



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Have you checked out wholesalesuppliesplus.com? They're in Ohio, still pretty far away, but I've found their shipping to be reasonable (I'm in Indiana) and ship lightning fast. I just ordered from them on Tuesday and got it this morning.

Another place is craftlobby.com. They have a lot of b&b stuff, and some decent prices. They're located in TN. I haven't bought from them too much because they really rip me off on shipping, so what I save on prices is canceled out by the high shipping. Perhaps shipping will be more reasonable in your area.

I forgot a few...

camdengrey.com (FL)

floridasoapsupplies.com (FL, obviously)

bayousome.com (LA. I don't think that have that much in the way of soap supplies, but they do have a nice and reasonably priced selection of bottles and jars. They also have good shipping rates)

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