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Advice needed from anyone in IL

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I have been asked to make a gift basket to use at a silent auction to help raise $ for Cystinosis Research (a kidney disease) in memory of a 7 y.o. little boy. The basket will be going to Lake Forest, IL (wherever that is) and I am having the toughest time trying to decide what or what type of fo to use in this basket. Can anyone from IL give me any advice as to what type scents sells good there? I know you may be 100's of miles from where I'm sending it, but just an idea what people in IL like. The following are the items that will be in the basket:

4oz Candle Tin

8oz Square Mason

Pack of Clamshells

12 pack tealights

Sachet bag

6oz jar of Aroma Beads

4oz Linen Spray

I was thinking of going with Nag Champa, Downy Clean, Apple Cinnamon, Potpourri Spice or something along those lines. Any advice would be greatly appreciated,,,,,,,Thanks,,,,,Portia

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I live about 15 miles north of Lake Forest. It is a very upscale suburb and the residents have been known to be rather snooty. :rolleyes2 That having been said, I think I'd play it safe and go with a Vanilla-based (maybe Spiced Vanilla or Vanilla Pear). Cucumber Melon also seems to remain popular and is kinda neutral (i.e. most people don't not like it to some degree).

Depending on when this event is taking place, you could also go with something "Fallish" ( Spiced Cranberry?). Apple Cinnamon is always good...especially if it is more towards Xmas.

These are obviously just my opinions, but HTH!

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