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? about soy shortening


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I just got some 100% soy shortening... I know the sap value, but little else about it... could I sub it for palm oil in a recipe? I just ran out of palm and kinda need something to replace it for the moment... the soapmaker program doesn't have the hardness/lather ect. values on it.. I haven't checked the other ones yet.. Just thought I'd see if anyone here has any useful tips on using the shortening... TIA

I just found out I can spell check:) :smiley2: :) WOOHOO! Now, if we could could just get that smellavision going on:rolleyes2

edited to add: I've only been using about 10% of palm lately. I think I might give it a try and sub in some soy shortening for the palm this batch... Esp since it's a low %. I'll just have to make sure I don't change anything else so I can do some good comparisons......

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