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Having a hard time with EcoSoya CB 135...

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it's coloring and setting up pretty well, but I'm getting little to no throw. The cold throw is ok if you stick your nose into the container, but there's no hot throw.

Here's what I've done: 9.5 oz wax, approx. 0.75 oz fo, which is roughly 8% (Vanilla Velvet from BCN); heated to approx. 175* (oops, didn't write the exact temp down. Bad tester, bad tester, LOL). Added ivory dye block and fo, cooled and poured at 110*. Put into oven to cool slowly.

I made this candle on April 20th, lit for the first time yesterday, so 10 days cure time. First burn, I used an RRD 34, which was too small for my container (approx. 2 1/2 in square). Today I tried an RRD 37, still not looking good, still no throw. Now I'm trying a Paper Core 44-24-18. I figure I'll go through all of my wick sample packs trying to wick this damn thing.:mad:

Any input anyone? Perhaps the RRD's and paper cores just don't play well with this wax? I'm running out of ideas... Any help would be greatly appreciated! You guys are always so helpful!


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Rachel I'm having a similar problem. I swear, I'm beginning to think I'm cursed with candles.

Im using EcoSoya Pure Soy CB ... I've been testing for awhile now. No luck. The candle burns great ... very even, etc. but the scent throw is just NOT there. Cold throw is okay, like you, if you stick your nose up to it.

I've been using standard 1.5oz per pound, 1 oz for very strong fragrances. I have a lot more to test burning, but after the couple I tested in my latest batch didn't give me what I wanted ... I've been a little too discontented to try again. Will be giving it another shot tomorrow.

I need to keep detailed records of my pouring temperatures too and make sure I do them all at the same exact temperature. Hopefully it's something simple we can figure out ... I got quite a bit of wax I need to use up (and to SMELL GOOD!). :P

Edited to Add: I used HTP Wick. :)

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what is your melt pool like? if its a big melt pool you may be using too large a wick and that could burn off the scent before its released in the air or if your tunneling it could be too small a wick also some fo just dont work quite as well with soy wax, ive never used that scent perhaps go to fo forum and search how well it does in soy. Also is the room your testing in large or do you have a window open or a fan on or is it a room that is already prone to smells like the kithcen or babies room? All this could be a factor as well. I hope this helps, I wish I was more familar with your wax anad wicks but I use 100% soy and htp wicks. Good Luck :cheesy2:


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