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Tequila Lime (Margarita) SOAP


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It is scented TEQUILA LIME.

Although, I'm not sure I want to stick with that name.......

Any suggestions?

To be honest, it was the name that made me click open this thread!! :P

Beautiful green, BTW. And nice subtle swirls!

Yes they still put salt on the rim, but I prefer sugar (and strawberry margaritas). :whistle:

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Thanks girls! I am most proud of this soap!

My daughters' friend said it smelled like a green popsicle.

I don't have enough FO to make another batch! Maybe .5 oz!


Since I've gotten some great responses here, I think I'll make a

Strawberry Daquiri Soap........very summery!

Do you think I really could put a chunkier sugar on the top of it???????

Or should I just stick with the lemon zest?

Any other suggestions?

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Cut pretzels can be made by just putting regular ones in the food processor... thats what I have done anyways... but I didnt use the result for soap though... Strawberry Daq..Martini, and Pina colada... what about a summer drink gift pack... or add sex in the beach... fuzzy navel... etc... hummm got my wheels turning!!!!

Right now I have Pina colada Watermellon martini and Sex on the beach.... hummm the iteas.... ahhhhh got to go eat breakfast frist lol....

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I'm making Strawberry Daquiri Soap tonight!

I will make one more 'summer drink' inspired soap and then sell

as a Summer Drink 3 pack of Soap.

What a fabulous Idea!

I just have to think of another 'drink' that I have a FO for.....

I don't have any coconut......I'll have to get looking at what I do have.

So I'll be back tomorrow night with pics of my Strawberry Daquiri Soap.

I doubt it will turn out as pretty as the Tequila Lime but we'll see!

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I'm not sure about the Bulk Barn, I've never heard of it. Pretzel salt that I've used looks just like it came off a pretzel, it's flat and square, not round and bulky. I don't know if the pic will show enough detail on the salt, but it's worth a shot!


And thinking about it, even large cut normal sea salts would probably look awesome..

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In thinking about your 3 pack of summer soaps, what about a blue hawaiian? The blue will nicely compliment your red and green soaps. It's made with vokda and blue curacao, but smells like oranges!

Here's some more drink ideas.. Maybe you can find something that's popular up there! http://www.blurofinsanity.com/drinks.html

I wouldn't go with a pina colada or coconut, as it'll be 5 summers from now til you find a non-discoloring coconut! LOL!

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