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Anyone make foot butters/have a recipe for?


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Anyone have a foot butter recipe? I am looking for a recipe using oils and butters. I have Shea, Avocado, Hemp and Coco butter. Are there any specific oils that are especially good for cracked dry skin like for heels of feet?

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I put emu oil, tea tree and peppermint and lavender eo. I use shea, avocado, macadamia, I use it at night put on a pair of white socks do this a few nights and it works great.

80% shea

18% oils

2% emu

.05 % eo

The eo's I use equal amounts of each. you can go a bit higher up to 1% but I find it too strong. HTH. Sue

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KMom, did you find one that worked for you? I've been asked by the owner of my daughter's daycare center to help with his cracked fingers. I figure something like this to soften at night, and then a waxier version to protect during the days... He's outside a lot and they get exposed to the cold.

Last winter I caught him glueing the cracks closed with super glue! ewww!

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