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Where do you fill to....8 oz Square Mason

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I fill ours past the shoulder and into the neck of the jar. I get sink holes with my 50/50---but not with soy. I just have to zap the tops, but if you go below, it just looks skimpy, IMO. I think different waxes tend to get persnickety with sink holes in these square jars---our 16 oz squares do the same thing with the 50/50. I commiserate with you!

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I use soy and I fill mine just a little past the shoulders just a tiny bit up in the neck...and I also tie raffia around it to attach my hang tag..so then if it is a tiny short no one can see it anyway

I agree w/Kris. You can always "hide" that little bit of shortness (if it happens). I tie a piece of tan gingham cloth around mine, and don't color them. looks very country...lol

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I agree pouring up into the neck....otherwise they look skimpy. Just wondered if that affected the craters or sink holes. Poured a couple last night, and put back the in jar box to cool.........only had a small crack around the edge...................guess that's the secret!!!!

Happy candling!!!! :)


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