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Wick Center tool

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I was looking at all the lids I had from canning jars. I was going to give them to my mom cause she cans everything. But I thought why not drill a hole in it. It will be exactly centered every time. It doesn't slide. It has a lip to keep it in place. I found out they also work on several different kinds of jars. Just thought I would share.

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georgia30240, this is Robert with EZ Wick Systems if you have a setter and a paticular jar that you use and the tool does not fit we can modify it to fit your container at no charge. HTH.

Sandie, I used to sell these on my site, if it helps any it is better if you punch the hole in them instead of drilling. Drilling kind of bends them a little bit when the drill bit goes thru the hole. Then you have to grind the burr off of the opposite side. You can get a punch at northern tools for about 12 to 15 dollars and they put a perfect hole in them. Also you can use the wide mouth jelly jar tops and put a couple of holes for double wicking. HTH

Rob in tx

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Just as an add on, we have used the lids this way for quite a while, and find using a clip type clothespin, on the wick, hanging to the side gives enough tension to hold the wick straight. And, it is very quick and easy. We also made some extra hole around the wick hole to let warmer air out as to not cause any condensation. Beth

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